Comics Alternative and High-Low

After a successful Kickstarter launched Kilgore's spring line, Rob Clough on High-Low reviewed the books, Reign of Crumbs included.  

Also this week, The two guys with Phds at Comics Alternative recorded a great conversation about self-published comics, autobiography, and the trials of children, starting with Greek Diary, and continuing with Summer Pierre's Paper Pencil Life and Katriona Chapman's Katzine.

It's exciting to hear Derek and Andy discuss my book in such vivid detail.  Andy commented that as a kid he would have loved the chance to travel to Greece--or anywhere-- (as I would have) and my kids don't know what an opportunity they have.  You tell 'em, Andy!  They also discuss my job as archaeological illustrator and my past adventures in Greece.  

They also suggested bringing the the adult children of aubiobio cartoonists together in 15 or so years to discuss their reactions to having appeared in their parents' pages:  Summer Pierre's son, Keilor Roberts' daughter, James Kochalka's sons--but hopefully those kids will be too busy running the world to talk about their parents.